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High End Interior Design Singapore


Established in 1989, 31 years in the Design & Build Industry, Hamid and Sons Interior Design is one of the best interior design firms in Singapore, with more than 15,000 successful residential and commercial projects completed. See our portfolio.


The birth of Hamid and Sons started from an everyday problem that many face: Why is it so difficult to find modern, stylish interior design firms that are also affordable? The answer lies in how the industry works. As new players and so called “Interior Design” firms start popping up in the renovation industry, they jack up prices so as to reap huge profits from consumers who don’t have many options. Coupled with the fact that numerous middleman are involved in the process (external designers, suppliers, distributors, marketers etc) each adding to the final cost, it’s no wonder that consumers’ wallets are left wanting.


Hamid and Sons was founded on the belief that design-conscious and quality projects need not cost an arm and leg. Good-looking and good quality renovation projects can go hand in hand with a good price. Our aim is to revolutionize the Design & Build industry by creating value for both our customers and the larger community.

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