10 Popular Singapore Kitchen Design of 2021

We as Singaporeans will always know that one friend who likes to invite you over just to show off their home kitchen design that you will most probably envy.

Traditionally, the kitchen was a place where the sole purpose was a place where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed.

Fast forward to 2021, the kitchen has changed a lot over the decades with new designs and technological advances, both greatly contributed to the designs of the modern kitchen. 

Natural lighting, Clean and simple with a functional kitchen design space have become favorites for homeowners.

In fact, many of us Singaporeans considered the hobby of cooking in their kitchen would be a form of meditation or stress reliever. It has since become a focal point of many Singaporean homes.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen but have no idea what your ideal kitchen design should be like, this is definitely for you!

To designing your new kitchen, good planning is required to properly balance between efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics.

With advice from our Design Experts, here are the 10 popular kitchen design ideas for your Singapore kitchen renovation:

Light Scandinavian

Scandinavian inspired kitchens are rooted in minimalistic design, elevated with neutrals, bright whites, natural elements, subway tiles, with pops of wood.

It is actually the most popular kitchen design for Singaporeans.

Design principles revolve around functionality, clean lines, and an overall less-is-more approach. Creating a bright and relaxing ambiance in your Scandinavian style kitchen.

It is essential to pick the light color which showcases the quality of simplicity.

Enjoy cooking with a breeze!

Sleek Natural

To design a sleek and zen kitchen, it is best to use clean lines, luxurious textures, and earthy colors that celebrate its version of simplicity. It gives you comfort and peace of mind.

Focus on the width rather than height. Keep things clean while adding elegant touches that showcase the beauty of nature.

Examples are natural color-finished for vinyl flooring, walls, and doors with rattan pendant lights hanging on top of the marble island top where you can just indulge yourself in.

Modern Rustic

Simple and old-fashioned. The walls are a little darker, and the wood whitewashed. With rustic wood finishes, this grey modern rustic design is a jaw-dropping kitchen space in your Singaporean dream home! 

Accompanied with subway tiles, the golden handles, bring out the vintage style, everything old-school.

Classic Blue

Dark blue, white, and rustic wood would probably be the trendiest colors in 2020. You can’t go wrong with blue. It’s bold and eye-catching.

The color that you will never get bored from! Blue kitchens are insanely gorgeous. 

When perfectly combined with neutral colors, blue kitchens were designed to be classy, timeless, and elegant. Be bold with your new kitchen design!

Sleek Mono Kitchen

Make it simple but significant. 

Black might seem a bold choice for the kitchen, but a compelling variety of textures and materials made it effortlessly classic, straightforward, with a modern touch.

A marble backsplash and grey colors in this way highlight the true elegance of the Sleek Mono Kitchen design.

Minimalist Kitchen

Nice and tidy. Minimalist kitchen design is meant for you who enjoys keeping things organized. 

Enjoying the tranquility of nature and to find your zen. Added with simple materials, minimalist kitchen design featured with honest detailing that make us appreciate the calmness, the warmth, and the beauty of light-filled spaces.

Less is more.

Beach Home

Looking for a piece of beach in your home? Coastal style home decor can make your space feel fresh, relaxed, and inviting. 

For the oceanic kitchen theme, use romantic shades of colors inspired by the sand, the sky, and different tones of water.

Additionally, a retro appliance can also complement your beach-themed kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen

The eclectic design is a great choice for you who love to fill a space with unique objects or accents that you wish to have on display. However, this doesn’t mean that it does not require planning.

Once you overdo it, you might risk going to end up with a mess. 

Add your favorite bold color combined with neutrals. This kitchen design might turn into your favorite space at home.

#SmartTip: Use containers to keep your colorful kitchen neat and tidy.

Pastel Kitchen

Fun, colorful, and experimental. It brings you out the most of your unique personality.

This pastel kitchen gives your space a subtle wash of color with pops and pretty shades. As sweet as how they look, pastel colors complement one another when combined together.

For a fresher look, choose brighter colors and transform candy-colored kitchen design into a happy and inviting space!

Singapore Retro Kitchen

Feeling nostalgic about the good old Singaporean days?

This unique kitchen design possesses a homely design that most Singaporeans are familiar with. It usually gives your regular HDB flat a ‘Peranakan’ look!

Using authentic old school wall tiles, glossy cement flooring, and retro furniture to make you feel nostalgic.

Are you inspired by some of the Popular Singaporean Kitchen Designs?

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